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Toys Recalled in 2023: Understanding the Risks and Protecting Our Children

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f you’re a parent, a caregiver, or a guardian, you know that your #1 priority is the safety of your child.

That’s not the only thing you want for your child, though. Happiness, amusement, and entertainment are important, too—and there’s nothing quite like the smile of delight on a child’s face when they open a present from you that they truly love.

When that present is a toy that you later find out may be dangerous, you might feel a lot of things. (Betrayal, anger, protectiveness, and fear, to name a few.)

Unfortunately, 2023 saw a series of toy recalls that raised significant concerns about the safety of products designed for little ones. It’s time to stay informed—and be aware of your options for protecting your family if a 2023 toy recall impacts you.

Which Toys Were Recalled in 2023?

Here’s a quick list of popular toys that were recalled in 2023:

  1. Cosco Kids Activity Centers presented straps that could break or detach—and did, resulting in over 150 incident reports.
  2. Thomas & Friends train toys exhibited a potential choking hazard since the trains featured small plastic pieces with magnets that were easily removed.
  3. Make Believe Ideas recalled a series of Reading Rainbow books that featured detachable plastic binding rings.
  4. Chuckle & Roar recalled its Water Beads Activity Kit after its small water beads tragically led. to the death of a child.
  5. Simplay3 recalled its Toddler Towers since they exhibited a tipping risk that resulted in over 15 reported head injuries.
  6. Woom children’s bikes and Jetson children’s scooters were recalled due to loose parts and inadequate construction, posing fall risks.
  7. Zuru’s Baby Shark Toy was recalled because it was associated with laceration and puncture injuries. (In this case, nearly 7.5 million units were recalled.)

These are far from the only toys recalled in 2023. For more than a smattering of examples and more details, check out comprehensive online toy safety and recall databases.

What Can I Do About a Toy Recall if My Family Is Impacted?

If your child has suffered an injury or your family owns a toy that has been recalled, and you’re uncertain about your next steps, do not hesitate to reach out to us for support and guidance. At Greer Law, we believe that protecting our children is a collective responsibility, and staying informed is the first step we can take to ensure their safety.

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