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Premises Liability
Premises Liability

Premises liability is when an individual is injured on someone else’s property and they file a claim against the owner for the sustained injuries. These claims occur when the person is injured due to the perceived condition of the property of existing circumstances on the property. If you’ve been injured under these such circumstances, you need to contact a top Denver premises liability attorney today to find out if you have a case.

What Sets These Cases Apart?

Premises liability has a statute that defines the requirements of the property owner and steps they must take to prevent any dangerous conditions. In other types of cases, you simply must prove negligence of the other party, demonstrating that they did not exercise care and caution. Expert Denver premises liability attorneys know that these cases are different and require a different degree of knowledge and care.

What is Duty of Care?

The degree of expectation for duty of care by the property owner depends heavily on the reason for the person being on the property. If it’s a trespasser who is injured, the property owner must not intentionally inflict harm or create a dangerous condition that would intentionally cause harm. If it is a licensee–someone who is on the property for their own benefit, not the landowner’s benefit–the owner’s sole duty is to make them aware of any dangerous conditions that may exist on the property. They are not required to remedy them or go out of their way to improve the conditions. However, if it was an invitee who was injured, the owner must have taken reasonable steps to find any dangers then warn the visitor about them.

Establishing Liability

A knowledgeable Denver premises liability lawyer will first check to establish if there is any notable fault on the part of the injured individual, or if it’s reasonable to think that they should have been able to notice the dangerous conditions prior to being injured.

Another major factor in determining liability will be the person’s reasoning for being on the property. They must be able to prove that the owner did not exercise their required duty of care, and that they were injured due to their inaction or negligence.

We Can Help

Our top premises liability attorneys in Denver can help you determine liability and how to prove it, as well as help you navigate the strange territory of the owner’s insurance company and attorneys. If you or a loved one was injured in this way, it’s important that you seek assistance from the best. At Greer Law Firm, we can help you determine the severity of your injuries and what damages you could be entitled to, and assist you in recovering anything you may be owed.