Just like your car needs constant maintenance to perform well and keep you safe, ski equipment needs regular care. Caring for ski equipment involves an important step called “ski tuning,” or waxing, sharpening, and even grinding your skis.

This isn’t necessarily a simple or easy process. Tuning mistakes are common, and improperly-tuned skis can quickly turn a thrilling day on the slopes into a dangerous experience.

Here are five common running errors that can lead to ski failure—and even potential injury.

  1. Over-Sharpened Edges

Sharp skis can truly be a double-edged sword.

You need sharp-edged skis for precise turns, but your skis can’t be too sharp, or you’ll run into issues. Over-sharpened edges, which can occur after machine grinding if you don’t properly hand-finish your skis, can cause skis to track too straight.

This can make turning difficult. You may risk losing control of your skis.

  1. Trouble Starting Turns

Are your skis difficult to turn? They may have an excessive grip. Or, possibly, they may have improperly-tuned tips and tails.

If your ski isn’t perfectly flat (e.g., if the edges are higher than the base), this can also make starting turns difficult and dangerous.

  1. Grip Issues

You must also pay attention to the angle of your ski’s base edge bevel.

If the bevel is less than one degree, you’ll feel on edge.

If your skis have too much of a bevel, you may feel like you’re struggling to get a good grip.

A balanced bevel is needed to achieve stable rides and smooth turns.

  1. Using the Wrong Wax

Failing to use the right wax, or, worse, not using any wax at all, can seriously impact your skis.

You’ll need to consider your skiing conditions to determine which wax is the best choice. Just know that an incorrect choice can make your skis feel sticky, slow, and difficult to maneuver.

  1. Vibration Issues

Skis with deep base structures are designed for use in soft snow.

Using them in colder conditions may feel sticky or cause odd vibrations, making it difficult to control your skis.

And, of course, if you lose control of your skis through a mismatched base structure or because of any of these issues, you risk painful, potentially long-term ski injuries.

When renting skis from a store or at the resort, you rely on their expertise to ensure your safety. If you’ve suffered an injury due to improperly-tuned skis, turn to an injury law firm for the support you deserve.

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