Having your car stolen is a huge hassle and a big source of stress. If your insurance company denies your claim, that can add even more stress and frustration. After all, you’ve been paying premiums all along, so shouldn’t your insurance company help you to replace your stolen car? Isn’t that one of the things car insurance is for? If your insurance company has denied the claim for your stolen car, contact an experienced insurance attorney from Greer Law Group to help you get them to make it right.

Why Do Insurance Companies Reject Stolen Car Claims? 

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, so they often reject claims. Sometimes the reasons are legitimate, and sometimes they are silly. The insurance company is banking on the possibility that you will not fight for your claim if they deny it, but you need to know your rights and stand up for them. A skilled car insurance attorney can help you fight the car insurance company and win.

Some reasons car insurance companies reject stolen care claims are:

  • They believe that your claim is fraudulent. The insurance company may believe (or say they believe) that your claim is fraudulent in some way—that you no longer owned the car, that it was worthless and you got rid of it and said it was stolen, or any of a host of other types of fraud that people do sometimes commit. It will be up to you to provide the documentation that shows that your claim is legitimate.
  • They claim that you were negligent and allowed the car to be stolen. If you left the car unlocked, left the keys in it, or were otherwise not diligent in taking steps to keep the car from being stolen, the insurance company might deny your claim. It will be up to you, ideally with the help of an attorney, to prove that you were not liable for the theft of your car
  • You did not return both original keys. If you cannot produce both of the original keys that were given to you when you bought the car, the insurance company may claim that one set was left in the car, allowing it to be stolen. A car insurance lawyer can help you argue against this.
  • The insurance company is acting in bad faith. Sometimes, an insurance company will deny your claim for insignificant or made-up reasons, will cancel your coverage when you make the claim and say you were not covered at the time of the theft, or will engage in other unfair and illegal practices to avoid paying you what they should. A skilled car insurance attorney can help you fight for what is right.

What if the Insurance Company Agrees to Pay, But The Amount is Less Than the Car was Worth? 

Insurance companies see paying claims as a negotiation. If they do approve a claim for your stolen car, they are likely to offer you the lowest possible amount they think they can get away with, even if it is far less than the car’s actual value. It is best not to accept a low offer as compensation for your stolen car, especially if you can document its actual value.

How Can a Car Insurance Lawyer Help Me with a Stolen Car Claim?

The insurance company you are fighting with over your stolen car claim probably has an attorney or even a team of attorneys whose only job is to fight against paying claims. Without an experienced car insurance attorney, you are at a real disadvantage. Call us today to talk to one of our experienced car insurance lawyers and level the playing field.