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Pedestrian Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents

Denver is known for its number of pedestrians out enjoying the weather, commuting to work, and getting exercise. It’s a wonderful thing to be associated with, but, unfortunately, it also comes with increased risks. If you are a pedestrian who’s been injured while walking, running, or riding, you need an experienced Denver pedestrian accident attorney on your side to determine any compensation you’re owed.

Injury Risks and Liability

Even when using the sidewalk or following all traffic laws on the road or at a crosswalk, pedestrians are still at risk of being injured by irresponsible motorists and bicyclists. A distracted driver, medical emergency, or speeding bike can easily take a pedestrian out in a heartbeat and cause severe, life-altering injuries. Additionally, the most at-risk group are children. They may not be aware of laws/rules or might walk into the street without checking for oncoming traffic, and they are much less likely to be seen by a motorist.

While most pedestrian accidents occur due to motorist error/neglect, even when the pedestrian may also be at fault, damages could be claimed based on the driver being more at fault. Determining fault can be complicated, so if you or your child has been injured by a motorist or cyclist in Denver, contact a top pedestrian accident attorney today.


Financial compensation in a Denver pedestrian accident can cover everything from medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, as well as diminished earning capacity. However, in order to seek this compensation, you must be able to prove all of these things. This means you must document everything and keep track of all related medical records. Do not discuss these things with the other party’s insurance company; you should first talk with the best Denver pedestrian accident lawyers to help determine what you may be owed. Insurance companies will often try to settle for far less than what you deserve, so let us handle everything for you.

We Can Help

If you or a loved one was injured in a pedestrian accident at no fault of your own, it’s important that you seek assistance from the best bike accident attorneys in Denver. At Greer Law Firm, we can help you determine the severity of your injuries and what damages you could be entitled to, and assist you in recovering anything you may be owed.