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Criminal Law
Criminal Law

Whether charged with a felony, misdemeanor, D.U.I., or traffic violation, you deserve an attorney who is knowledgeable, experienced, and will zealously represent you. If you’ve been charged with a crime, every aspect of your life is affected.  You may be facing jail or prison time and your ability to work and provide for your family has been hindered.  We represent individuals charged with any crime and protect the rights of those wrongfully charged by the police.

Kevin Van Donselaar has inside experience working as a District Attorney and will use that experience to fight for you. Mr. Van Donselaar has handled the complete array of criminal cases, ranging from D.U.R.’s and D.U.I.’s to Domestic Violence, Assaults, Property Crimes, and Homicides. Kevin earned the respect of judges, defense attorneys, victims, and defendants as a fair, considerate, and hard-working individual committed to his profession and sworn duties.  He applies these same qualities in representing individuals charged with crimes. The judges and prosecutors know he is serious and know that he will take his cases to trial if necessary.

With decades of combined experience, the attorneys at Greer Law Firm& Van Donselaar will aggressively fight for your rights. Ms. Greer Law Firmfocused her early career on defending those accused of drug crimes. Drug crimes include possession of a controlled substance, minor in possession, possession with intent to distribute, and prescription fraud.  All of these charges impact your life and future. If you have been accused of one of these crimes our firm will defend you and help you protect your future.

At Greer Law Firm& Van Donselaar we will give your case the attention and dedication it needs.  You are not just a case or a file. You are an individual who needs help and we are here to provide assistance in any way we can.  Call us immediately to start protecting your rights and we will obtain the best results possible for your case.  This includes all matters related to D.U.I., Assault, Drug Crimes, Domestic Violence, Theft, Forgery, Criminal Mischief, Robbery, Menacing, Retraining Order Violations, Weapon Charges, Traffic Offenses, Juvenile Crimes, and Expungement.